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Spiritual Evolution Newsletter!

This Newsletter is designed just for you!
Do you want to solve all your problems?

Are you interested in understanding yourself and then others? Do you want to learn how to eradicate the word: “PROBLEM” from your dictionary and mindset?

This is a manual. It’s purpose is to learn how to practice Yoga and Cabala! You are in the right place if that is what you are looking for.

I am at your disposal for any question you might have!

But if you want only to read about the theory of Yoga and Cabala you are in the wrong place.

I will keep just a limited space for theory only for better understanding how to accomplish your goals in real life.

In this manual you will get access to the keys of psychological and mental self realization!

The purpose of Pranayama is to give the control over your mental processes by controlling your breathing.

Some „side effects“ of practicing Yoga are:
1. Great overall feeling and phisical resistance.
2. No more headaches or insomnias.

Mental Concentration
Mental concentration is required for any worth mentioning human enterprises!

Tibetan test
This test has been performed for many generations in Tibet. It is the turn point in your Spiritual Evolution. When you pass this test your are ready for the next stage: Cabala!

Cabala is an esoteric art and science of Spiritual Evolution. Practicing Cabala you will accomplish wisdom and achieve all your personal goals!

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